We are a team of experienced specialists in the field of branding, marketing, web design, product & business development that have united to fight climate change - one of the most critical issues of our time.

Amnon Barnea

Founder & Creative

Award-winning visual artist, with years of experience in branding, product development, UX\UI, and Front-end development. Amnon has worked with dozens of companies across multiple industries and his work has helped newly founded companies to raise more than $100m. Amnon excels in creative problem-solving and is known for his user-focused product design approach.    

Julian Feder

Master of Words

With a background from impact-driven entrepreneurship, journalism and TV-news, Julian has lead the communication, PR, and marketing efforts of dozends of startups and 3rd sector organizations, directly contributing to raising hundreds of millions of dollars.  Julian’s specialty is to simplify complex ideas and subjects, so that they are easily grasped by potential investors and clients.      

Yuval Mann

Head of Growth

Served as VP of BizDev & Sales at various marketing agencies and PR firms, founded and led 8hook, a digital marketing and crowdfunding agency, and co-founded various successful on-line ventures. Yuval is an excellent people’s person with a vast network and thorough experience in fundraising, business development, sales, and marketing.  

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